“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance” — Confucius

To put in a crude manner, a Master’s degree simply reveals the extent of our ignorance. While we are simply sitting , in front of the computer, stuck in a 9-5 schedule, and working nights during a client delivery, little do we have time to think of what does computer science actually consist of . Most of the so called programmers, spend their times meeting deadlines, attending meetings, trying to write a bug free code, fix bugs, doing operations, performing support, working on vendor specific tools  etc not many have had the chance to write some “Beautiful code” . And still, a Masters Degree reveals that its not as much about the coding itself, but rather the principles involved around it , that makes the code beautiful .

Since the masters course was in Software systems which is pretty generic, I had to study a host of subjects which are not really programming. And that has broadened my  perspective , to say the least.

One thing I know for sure, Computer Science ain’t about coding, it is not about knowing computers, its not about knowing various algorithms to solve problems. Through this blog, I am going to make an honest attempt at understanding the beauty of it. A beauty that can only be seen, but cannot be expressed in words.




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  1. Krishnakanth V

    Hi ,
    I need guidance from you as I have joined MS programe in BITS (Course is starting on July 19).
    Please assist me .

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